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                                                       Made of Eregli A1 quality, ST37   Elegant design and High
           LED Technology       Under Two Year Warranty                                            Long Lasting Steel Body
                                                       metal sheet           Efficiency
           Manual Turbulator Cleaning   Fireplace View  Hot Water Heat Exchanger   Automatic Tube Cleaning System   Automatic Burner Cleaning
           System                                      (Optional)            (Optional)            Mechanism(Optional)
           Combustion with Draught Fan  Automatic Fuel Feed  Automatic Ignition System  Fuel management with fuel   Modulation up to Flue Tem-
                                                                             level sensor          perature
                                                       Fuel feed motor protection
           Control Panel with Modulation  Weekly Timer                       Digital Control Panel
                                Temperature Control With Room
           Burn-Back Protection System                 Authentic front glass

                                                                                   (HYDRO WOOD PELLET STOVE)
                                                                                   WATCH FIRE AND LED LIGHT TOGETHER
                                                                                   TORMENTA IS A HYDRO WOOD PELLET STOVE
                                                                                   MAKES THE PLACE LOOK ELEGANT WITH ITS HEAT SENSITIVE
                                                                                G   LED

        A                                                              K

                                                                                F   Advanced Control System: The advanced control system supplies
                                                                                   perfect combustion through  the data comes from sensors.

                                                                                   Integrated Burner and Self Cleaning Mechanism:  Through the
                                                                                   moving grid system, the burner cleans itself

                  B                       D
                                                                                   Perfect Combustion with Proportional Air Fan: The high-capacity
                                                                                   flue draught-fan ensures the most efficient combustion while mi-
                                                                                   nimizing the risk of leakage and maximizing safety.
                                                                                   All Inclusive System: Tormenta series is designed for ‘plug-and-
                                                                                   play’, with its component parts like circulation pump, expansion
                                                                                   vessel and burner which makes it easy to deliver and install
      Technical Parameters
                                                                                   Attractive Design: Tormenta series adds a stylish look to the envi-
                Height  Width  T. Length  Length  Flue Diameter  Flow-Return  Fill-Empty  ronment by combining flame and sensitive LED.
        MODEL    A       B       C      D       ØF          G             J
                                                                                   Large Fuel Bunker: With large fuel reservoir enough to operate for
                 mm     mm      mm      mm      mm         inç            inç
                                                                                   long periods of run.
      TORMENTA 18  1025  620    950     890     127         1"           1/2"
                                                                                   Easy Cleaning: Easy cleaning with double compartment ash box
      TORMENTA 25  1125  620    950     890     127         1"           1/2"
                                                                                   Tormenta Pellet Series prominent features:
      Technical Specifications
                                                                                   •  Elegant design and High efficiency
      MODEL                                       TORMENTA 18  TORMENTA 25         •  Long Lasting Steel Body
                                         kcall/h   15.480      21.500              •  Automatic feed
                                          Kw        18          25                 •  Automatic ignition
      Weight                              kg        190        225                 •  Digital Control panel with modulation
      Water Volume                          l       42          48                 •  Indoor remote control
      Max. Operation Temperature           C        90          90                 •  Weekly timer
                                                                                   •  Modulation up to Flue Temperature
      Temperature Control Limit             C                 55-80                •  Burn-Back Protection
      Test Pressure                       bar       4,5         4,5                •  Temperature Control With Room Thermostat
      Max. Operation Pressure             bar       1,5         1,5                •  Authentic Front Glass
      Operation Power and Frequency       V/Hz     220/50     220/50               •  Automatic burner cleaning mechanism (optional)
      Fan Power                            W        48          48                 •  Manual Tube Cleaning System
      Reducer Power                        W        40          40                 •  Fireplace View
      Hopper Fuel Capacity                Kg        30          40                 •  Hot Water Heat Exchanger (Optional)
                                                                                   •  Easy installment with its standard Flue size
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